25 July 2012

OpenBTS: Actual sample rate differs from desired rate

Kali ini saya menggunakan sistem operasi Ubuntu terbaru, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, OpenBTS terbaru, P2.8TRUNK build date Jul 25 2012, UHD dan GNURadio dari Ettus. Alhasil muncul pesan galat seperti dibawah ini.
ALERT 3074086656 OpenBTS.cpp:148:main: OpenBTS starting, ver P2.8TRUNK build date Jul 25 2012
1343182692.983754 3074086656:
Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copyright 2010 Kestrel Signal Processing, Inc.
Copyright 2011 Range Networks, Inc.
Release P2.8TRUNK formal build date Jul 25 2012
"OpenBTS" is a trademark of Range Networks, Inc.
  Range Networks, Inc.:
    David Burgess, Harvind Samra, Donald Kirker, Doug Brown
  Kestrel Signal Processing, Inc.:
    David Burgess, Harvind Samra, Raffi Sevlian, Roshan Baliga
  GNU Radio:
    Johnathan Corgan
    Anne Kwong, Jacob Appelbaum, Joshua Lackey, Alon Levy
    Alexander Chemeris, Alberto Escudero-Pascual
Incorporated GPL libraries and components:
  libosip2 (LGPL), liportp2 (LGPL)
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Use of this software may be subject to other legal restrictions,
including patent licsensing and radio spectrum licensing.
All users of this software are expected to comply with applicable
regulations and laws.  See the LEGAL file in the source code for
more information.
1343182692.999233 3074086656:
Starting the system...
linux; GNU C++ version 4.6.3; Boost_104601; UHD_003.004.002-27-stable
ALERT 3047814912 UHDDevice.cpp:357:set_rates: Actual sample rate differs from desired rate
ALERT 3047814912 runTransceiver.cpp:83:main: Transceiver exiting...
EMERG 3065514816 OpenBTS.cpp:125:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.

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